Eligibility to Donate or Receive Leave through the USSLP


An employee may donate vacation leave, sick leave, or all or part of a personal holiday to the USSLP if the donating employee’s employer approves the employee’s request to donate leave and:  

  • Vacation leave: The donation will not cause the donor’s vacation leave balance to fall below 80 hours after the transfer. For part-time employees, requirements for vacation leave balances are prorated.
  • Sick leave: The donation will not cause the donor’s sick leave balance to fall below 176 hours after the transfer. 
  • Personal holiday: The donating employee's employer approves the employee's request to donate all or part of their personal holiday to the USSLP.


An employee is eligible to receive shared leave from the USSLP if there is leave available in the pool and the employee meets the following criteria:

The employee is called to service (voluntarily or involuntarily) in the armed services;

  • The employee has depleted or will shortly deplete their paid military leave, compensatory time, vacation leave, and personal holiday;
  • The employee has abided by their Employer’s rules regarding Military Leave; and
  • The employee’s monthly military salary [as defined in WAC 357-31-650(4)] is less than their state monthly salary [as defined in WAC 357-31-650(5)].   However, up to eight hours per month may be used from the pool, to continue coverage under the Public Employee’s Benefit Board regardless of the employee’s monthly state salary and military salary.


  • Recipient Request Form
  • Donor Form 
    • (This sample form can be used or edited to meet agency needs.  Agencies may elect to use their    standard shared leave donation process based on operational/policy requirements.)