Washington Disaster Volunteer & Donations Portal

Thank you for your interest in helping Washington communities by volunteering or donating.

Thank you for your help. Providing verified disaster relief organizations offers to volunteer or donations of goods and services is often the most sensible and most efficient way of helping people in need after a disaster. Another option is to submit your contribution offer of goods and services to Washington Emergency Management Division. If there is a match between a donated good or service and an existing need, the appropriate organization will be in contact with you. Please complete the appropriate form below to donate goods or services or your time.

Financial Donations

The best way to donate financially is by giving to a verified disaster relief organization. For a list of disaster relief organizations in Washington, visit https://www.wavoad.org/current-members/.

Most charities are reputable organizations that do their best to make good use of your charitable donations. Unfortunately, some charities and their paid fundraisers are not. Check with the Secretary of State’s Office for tips before you donate. To file a complaint about a charity or commercial fundraiser, visit the Attorney General’s website at www.atg.wa.gov/file-complaint.


Food banks throughout Washington are also in need of volunteers. Please contact your local food bank and ask how you can help.

If you're a veteran interested in volunteering, more information is on Team Rubicon’s website found here: https://teamrubiconusa.org.

For Wildfires, find out how to get involved at your local fire department or call 1-800-FIRELINE.

Donation of Goods or Services

To donate goods or services, please fill out the appropriate form:

Individual Donation

Business/Organization Donation