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How to Apply to be a Mentor

To be a Mentor at our Academy, first make sure you meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Eligibility Requirements to be a Washington Youth Academy Mentor: Are you eligible to apply? If you answer “Yes” to all the questions below, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE! 

  • Should be at least 25 years old.
  • Same gender as the applicant.
  • Not a member of the immediate family.
  • Live within a reasonable distance of applicant.
  • Must not have sex crimes history.
  • Must be free of felonies and crimes involving alcohol or substance abuse in the last five years.
  • Must provide social security number or at own cost, fingerprinting by the FBI. 
  • Must not be applicant’s military recruiter.

Now that you have cleared the eligibility, move to Step One.


Watch the mentor video “Why we need you as a mentor.”

Now that you have watched the Mentor video move to Step Two.


Complete the MENTOR APPLICATION and Submit the supporting documents.

Mentor Application

Download and Print the List of Supporting Documents


Personal Interview

Completed applications will be reviewed for eligibility requirements. If you meet the eligibility requirements and the Mentor Coordinator agrees you are a good candidate, you will be contacted to set up an Interview with a WYA staff member.


You must participate in our online MENTOR TRAINING.

Have any questions? The best way to get an answer is:

Mentoring Department

Phone: (877) 228-8947
Documents can be submitted by