Citizen Soldier for Life

The Army National Guard - Citizen Soldier for Life program launched in September 2016, focusing on the Initial Entry Training (IET) population through the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). Since then, the program has grown in breadth to provide services to Family members, Retirees, Veterans and other Service members, providing individualized employment assistance, individual case management. In addition, the program provides assistance to Commanders across the 54 States and Territories with Veteran Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act coordination and compliance.

Citizen Soldier for Life Career Readiness Counselors (CRC) emphasizes training of Career Readiness Standards (CRS) and financial literacy during the initial phase of the Soldier Life Cycle (SLC) while still providing these services to all members of the ARNG at all phases of their SLC. Services are provided during drill weekends at RSP, to parent units by request and during the week at the CSFL program office in your State. CSFL services aim to increase individual, unit and Family readiness and resilience, and boost recruiting and retention rates across the ARNG. Approximately 40,000 new Soldiers and 7,000 prior service members will enter our formation each year, each mandated to receive CRS and financial literacy training at various touchpoints across their SLC. Of these, some will also be looking for employment within the communities they live and serve. Preparing Soldiers for the dual role of service and citizen through financial and career readiness is the foundation for a culture that inspires Soldiers to continue serve, bolsters their position in the community, and strengthens the Citizen Soldier for Life concept.

The Citizen Soldier for Life program provides direct career preparation, coordinated financial services, delivery of financial education, teaching Soldiers how to manage a wage once earned. It targets readiness at the individual level and early in the military career, enhancing stability at home and within the unit, thus allowing Soldiers to meet individual and collective training requirements in preparation of State and federal mobilization and missions.

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Citizen Soldier for Life Career Readiness Counselors (CRC) are located throughout your State ready to assist National Guard members, their Families, Retirees, Veterans and other Service members to realize their career and financial goals, network with local employers and identify opportunities for success.

For additional information contact:

Donald R. Franks

Building 3

41st Division Road

Camp Murray, WA 98433

(253) 512-1346